3. May 2021

Digitization: Radical but with brains!

he Pandemic challenges companies in many areas from working remotely in the office to production under hygiene rules. Digitization and innovation are the order of the […]
1. February 2021

New Work: “ask yourself what you can do for your employees”

orking in a home office is a lived reality for many people in the lockdown at the beginning of 2021. For many people, “home” and “office” […]
15. September 2020

How to develop your procurement from a global supply chain into a flexible value network and be prepared for crises in the future!

The Corona-related measures have made it clear to many companies how strongly economic activity is now dependent on global supply chains. Over the past decades, industry […]
15. September 2020

Invest now so that digital change does not become a crisis!

Some entrepreneurs are currently looking to the future with concern; the uncertainty and change that is massively affecting entire industries appears to be too great. But […]
29. June 2020

Digital Leadership – the digital transformation can only succeed with a completely new leadership culture in the company!

I have already written about the development of new business models and the use of digital technologies in your companies. This month I will be going […]
6. May 2020

Develop your business model, without costs

n the April BLOG article, I already wrote about the long-term trends and the opportunities to increase the resilience of your company. In the current time […]
20. March 2020

After the crisis is before the crisis – how to increase the resilience of your company with digitalization!

he corona crisis is a deep cut and shows how vulnerable our economic system has become. I am therefore all the more convinced that the current […]
2. March 2020

Cultural change? What companies need for a successful digital future

ave you ever thought about how digital change will affect your business? It is a crucial question for the future viability of your company, regardless of […]
3. February 2020

Artificial intelligence and ethics – are there natural limits for digital technologies?

rtificial intelligence (AI) is a key technology in the digital age. Hardly any other technology is so helpful and at the same time so controversial. Almost […]
6. January 2020

How to use digitisation as a contribution to sustainable business

The question of whether digitisation will lead to a sustainable economy has been on our minds since the introduction of the first computers in the workplace. […]
2. December 2019

The mobility of the future is digital and sustainable

obility is a very important driver of our social development. Even in the earliest history of mankind, the development of homo sapiens was associated with large […]
29. October 2019

With artificial intelligence on a lifelong learning journey

he production factor work is increasingly developing into an interplay of man and machine. Starting from the vision that robots, computers and algorithms can support humans […]
23. September 2019

Above the clouds and still with both feet on the ground – cloud computing for medium-sized businesses

toring company data on an external server still sounds more frightening than promising to many medium-sized companies today. Many companies are now being forced by their […]
28. August 2019

In the beginning there is the process, not the software

ew business models, changing consumer behaviour and digital technologies are leading to enormous changes along the value chain. These changes affect all core and sub-processes in […]
9. August 2019

Digitization in medium-sized companies – but secure!

ith the increasing digitalization of processes and business models, cybercrime is becoming a real danger for many companies. The earlier assumption that only the large companies […]
10. July 2019

The “decisive” factor – what role algorithms will play in the management of companies in the future

he use of algorithms is an essential building block in the digitization of companies. These are computer programs that search for certain patterns in data or, […]
3. June 2019

Towards a digital society – what businesses should take into account in cultural change

umanity has always been subject to change, which takes place constantly in most times, but sometimes also “disruptively” (for example in revolutions). It is currently digitalization […]
20. May 2019

Data, data, data – how to increase the value of digitization

he future of a digital economy depends largely on the availability, analysis and interpretation of data. Already today, countless amounts of data are generated and processed […]
30. April 2019

Colleague 4.0 – Towards hybrid forms of cooperation

n the future, activities that can be standardized will be replaced by algorithms and robots, and numerous job profiles will change completely. On the other hand, […]
15. April 2019

Smart Mobility – more than just the transformation of an industry

mart mobility is geared to the needs of the user and offers this high level of comfort, maximum availability, optimum intermodal linking of modes of transport, […]
5. April 2019

Where does Germany stand in the area of artificial intelligence and what should the German economy do now?

nce again, thousands of visitors from Germany and abroad are flocking to the Hanover Fair to see German engineering know-how in the form of self-controlling robots […]
20. March 2019

Open Innovation – how companies can learn from successful companies in the digital transformation process

hatbots based on artificial intelligence, autonomously acting and networked robots as well as supermarkets without personnel are already reality. The possibilities to use new technologies are […]
7. March 2019

Mobile working – how companies and employees can benefit from the development of digital office technologies

Vision and state of affairs he birds chirp in your garden, the mowing robot does its job quietly and the smell of freshly mown grass rises […]
11. December 2018

Old principle in new clothes – from sharing in the Sharing Economy

he term “Sharing Economy” appears again and again in connection with the digitalisation of the economy and above all the platform economy. Yet the underlying principle […]
20. November 2018

How the employee becomes your most valuable resource

he age of digital change is characterized by an increasingly dynamic world. For companies, this means that they no longer have years of planning security, break […]
9. November 2018

SMEs and start-ups: the perfect combination for disruptive innovations?

ompanies that want to be competitive in the future must be agile, develop disruptive innovations and drive digital business models forward. It’s best to build a […]
23. September 2018
Roboter vernichten keine Arbeitsplätze, sondern sichern unseren Wohlstand | Alexander Bode

Change of perspective – robots do not destroy jobs, but secure our prosperity

hen using robotic thinking, most people go directly to the destruction of workplaces and completely autonomous functioning systems. This skepticism is a good tradition in Germany; […]
2. September 2018
Bei der Digitalisierung kommt es auf die Einstellung an | Alexander Bode

Victim or Enabler – also with the digitization it depends on the attitude

 current info graphic is overwritten with “The victims of the smartphone boom” and shows in detail which devices have suffered the most from the rise of […]
19. August 2018
IoT Beratung Digitalisierung

The Internet of Things – Objects become active participants in the digital world!

n 2020, more than 25 billion devices will be interconnected in the “Internet of Things”. They will thus form a gigantic data source for new applications, products […]
25. June 2018
Internet of Things - Digitalisierung

Digital transformation – it’s up to each individual

„Everything that is simpler will come“   his is one of the main drivers of digital transformation. It is not an invisible power or even the […]
21. May 2018
Unternehmertum – Alexander Bode

Entrepreneurship – a mentality with a future!

reativity, the ability to do something new and the courage to implement it and to accept failure are the hallmarks of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is therefore […]
11. May 2018
© Alexander Bode

Digital education – simply well networked!

he digital world of work calls for new skills, and all those involved in industry, trade unions and education agree on this. The question of competences […]