2. December 2019

The mobility of the future is digital and sustainable

obility is a very important driver of our social development. Even in the earliest history of mankind, the development of homo sapiens was associated with large […]
29. October 2019

With artificial intelligence on a lifelong learning journey

he production factor work is increasingly developing into an interplay of man and machine. Starting from the vision that robots, computers and algorithms can support humans […]
23. September 2019

Above the clouds and still with both feet on the ground – cloud computing for medium-sized businesses

toring company data on an external server still sounds more frightening than promising to many medium-sized companies today. Many companies are now being forced by their […]
28. August 2019

In the beginning there is the process, not the software

ew business models, changing consumer behaviour and digital technologies are leading to enormous changes along the value chain. These changes affect all core and sub-processes in […]
9. August 2019

Digitization in medium-sized companies – but secure!

ith the increasing digitalization of processes and business models, cybercrime is becoming a real danger for many companies. The earlier assumption that only the large companies […]
10. July 2019

The “decisive” factor – what role algorithms will play in the management of companies in the future

he use of algorithms is an essential building block in the digitization of companies. These are computer programs that search for certain patterns in data or, […]
3. June 2019

Towards a digital society – what businesses should take into account in cultural change

umanity has always been subject to change, which takes place constantly in most times, but sometimes also “disruptively” (for example in revolutions). It is currently digitalization […]
20. May 2019

Data, data, data – how to increase the value of digitization

he future of a digital economy depends largely on the availability, analysis and interpretation of data. Already today, countless amounts of data are generated and processed […]
30. April 2019

Colleague 4.0 – Towards hybrid forms of cooperation

n the future, activities that can be standardized will be replaced by algorithms and robots, and numerous job profiles will change completely. On the other hand, […]